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I felt duty-bound to share this likely timeline of events to take place in the US from 20th September 2020 to 20th January 2021, as the US election draws nearer on 3rd November.  This report is from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger via  He says: “Due to the extreme volatility of current events, almost no one dare make predictions these days, but this timeline is based on interviews with top law enforcement who have ties to federal agencies, with additional sources from the militia community as well as individuals close to the Trump administration.  This timeline, although subject to change, is our current best guess at how the moves on the chess board are likely to play out.”

I’m not politically inclined, but the way things are in the world, and where they look like they may be headed, I feel it’s worth paying some heed at least.  The views may be somewhat extreme to some, and maybe they are in some respects, but I’ve been following Mike Adams’s website and emails he sends out for some time, and I kinda trust him.

Here’s the link:

Likely TIMELINE Of Events 20th September To 20th January

In terms of spiritual focus, there can be no consistency of such focus if the body is hungry, or becomes sick.  And the covid vaccine, as one doctor has said, is what is the disease.  Only a spiritual fool sits in denial of what’s occurring just outside their own front door, and globally.

If Ramana Maharshi had been living now, he’d also need to eat, to drink clean water.  All his helpers would need to eat and do what they need to do.  First the needs of the body and mind need to be taken care, then there can be the freedom and space to focus on the spiritual journey.  And this space and freedom are at collective risk.  I think we need a practical aspect to our spiritual growth right now.  There are seasons for things – right now, the season of spiritual self-focus needs to allow some practical considerations.  Things are serious out there.

For anyone who thinks the impending covid vaccine is safe, think again.  My sincere advice to you is to not rush to get it before you get informed.  There’s plenty of information out there about this, you don’t need to look far.  Turn off the mainstream news, and turn on the alternative news, it’s the latter that will tell you the truth about what is really going on.  I know some who are reading this will already be ‘in the know’, but this message is for those who still think the vaccine can save us.  Once the poison’s in your body it’s too late.  You really don’t want to have someone push that into your body.  As I said, don’t take my word for it, get informed yourself.  This may be easier said than done if you work in a job that will require you to have it for example, so think about your options carefully.  Think outside the box.  Think like you’ve never thought before.  Get a distance from your defenses, don’t let fear or disbelief get the better of you, and wake up.  As Jiddu Krishnamurti said, “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”  In fact he must have had a premonition 🙂 for these words couldn’t put it more aptly for what’s going on.

Being informed reduces panic if and when the SHTF on a wider scale (let alone the SHTF on a personal basis).  According to Mike Adams’ report above, the S will HTF at some point.  It’s certainly been said for a long time that the dollar will collapse big-time as you can’t just keep printing cash – many countries are bankrupt already, this will keep deteriorating till our lives will become affected.  Things in the US are already much much worse than the media is reporting.   Then the election shernanigans in the US.  And this covid agenda.  The report speaks of the US, but as we all know what happens in the US affects much of the world.

Stay calm, and be prepared – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Do what needs to be done on a daily, worldly level, and get your life sorted out and aligned with what you feel is right.

And all the while, fear or no fear, keep doing the inner spiritual work, go within, connect with your inner wisdom – your Divine Essence.  In whatever way you feel you want to do this.  There are many ways.  Meditate, read, pray, visualise, purify your thoughts, purify your lower emotions (the last two are so important), chant mantras, spend time in nature to ground your energy, and spend time alone in contemplation.  Don’t consume vast amounts of alternative covid info either – this keeps you in lower frequencies.  Stand in your own power, don’t rely on others to lift up your emotions.  We underestimate our own inner power and give our power so easily.

These efforts will get you through this time and carry you through the hard knocks.  They will lift up our frequency which in turn will raise up the collective consciousness and assist it to leave behind its demons and rise into the Light.

Love & Light,

Reena Gagneja
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