Iskra Dolina - Trap of Desires

I am happy to post other people’s content on this blog, especially content that goes deep.

Here’s an unusual piece.  It’s a short, spiritual fictional story.  I found it touching. It shows the depths of thought that we can be preoccupied with internally, when the spiritual path opens up. Also it’s about the ego’s desires and the question of the purpose of life.

Here are the author, Iskra Dolina’s interesting words from her website:

“The author has dedicated nearly three decades to the profession of lawyer and has seen numerous examples when people ruined their own lives and the lives of their nearest and dearest by their own hands. However, from the very beginning of her career, she knew that everyone had a spiritual spark, and it’s important to discover it at the right time and let it develop.”

So here’s a link to the story: Trap of Desires and you can read an excerpt of the beginning of it below.  En-joy.

Trap of Desires (excerpt)

“Some more cognac?” a pretty flight attendant in bright red by Aeroflot stood nearby; he nodded silently.

Infinite freedom was what Anton saw through the porthole.

Realized how tense he was.

Reclined his seat. Took off the sneakers. Took a sip from the glass.

“Be always at your best,” the thought came to his mind.

Thought of his mom for some reason.

So, the meeting is tomorrow morning. I have to focus, look through the materials provided.

My expert opinion will be to a high standard.

Anton mused.

MEMS technology. ‘Smart dust.’

Can be used both in medicine and…

Somewhere inside him, he felt very anxious.

“I’ll explain all the pros and cons in great detail,” he repeated once again the justification to himself.

London smells of roses, a vintage leather jacket, and a wet lawn.

“The city only pretends to be old…,” Anton thought. “Big changes in such a short time.” Looking out the cab window, he had the same feeling inside himself.

The desire for changes. A strange feeling. As if his own world became too tight for him.

[End of excerpt]

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