Yes, definitely.  If your child is under 18, I can provide you with your child’s Soul Plan reading.  Soul Plan Reading can be beneficial for your child as it can help you as a parent with a deeper understanding of any issues with their child, and why they behave in certain ways.  This can then help to harmonise situations, understand family dynamics better, and have greater compassion for your child.  A reading will also you what your child’s gifts And goals are, thus this can assist when guiding them in which direction to take in life, as they move into adulthood.

Soul Plans for your children are useful, especially as parents tend to blame themselves for certain behaviour traits when all along their children are living the plan chosen by their Soul before birth.  Don’t misunderstand me – parenting efforts is very important as challenges in the Soul Plan can play out in varying ways depending on the love, encouragement and opportunities we are exposed to in life.  It’s just important to remember that other energies are at play in addition to your human parent input.  Children come through us, they don’t belong to us.

If your child is 18 or over, they are advised to request their own Soul Plan reading directly.

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