plasma webs

What are Plasma Webs?

Well noone knows the answer to that it seems as yet. But you can watch and make up your own mind!

I’m sharing a couple of videos with phenomena you will most likely never have seen before! I only just came across this yesterday so I wanted to share this footage as it’s so fascinating. Gina, the lady who puts out these video says plasma webs or web plasma, as she is calling it, are interdimensional. I think she may be onto something. They’re definitely not water on the camera lens….anyway have a look and see! Not much more to say about it, until there is more information about web plasma – good, bad or ugly!

Two Suns / Niburu??

The second video – two suns? Niburu, the mysterious planet that supposedly orbits the sun? Who knows, but it’s amazing to see.

Here come the videos – en-joy!

Plasma Webs in The Netherlands

Second Sun / Niburu Or??





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