Spiritual awakening

UPDATE: Admittedly these are a bit old, but there are newer ones on youtube…And this posted in March 2011:
[youtube]dA8ytdDbQGA[/youtube] Okay, I’m going to attempt to add some more videos, so here goes. Don’t blow me out this time!
UFO making funny sound:
[youtube]apvtgwE6eyM[/youtube] (Btw the video to the right – not sure what the dog means at the start??). The video to the right (top) is of a cave in Tibet, quite remarkable.
This is the weirdest thing. This post has gone awol!
I just lost what I wrote after posting it (hence initially blank), so am writing again.
Comments are closed but they are never set to closed.
Plus the first time I posted 3 out of 4 videos wouldn’t show!
I need to dash, so please google/ youtube ‘strange sounds’ – you will see what I mean!!
Eerie sounds too… Some nice sounds in a cave in Tibet.
Comments, as always, welcome.

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that’s your underground hell realm for all the believers of the gfl spirits. have fun down there! since i’m not a mole rat i won’t be going down there nor on a ufo.
that ufo sounded like the ones in the movie ‘war of the worlds’ with tom cruise.

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