Shunyamurti is one of the few teachers who speaks the deepest truths at this time, beyond concerns for followings – imho.  I find him to be very clear and ego-less in his teaching. It feels like he knows the depths to which the human ego falls or is constantly ensnared in, and can deeply speak to that.

To me, there is no more relevant teaching for this time than the one that addresses the cunning and desperate human ego, for that is the hardest journey anyone will ever take as a human. His words are therefore not for the faint of heart, they are for the deep seekers who do really want to go beyond their ego.  For those seekers who do not assume their ‘stunted growth is awakening’ – as Shunyamurti incisively puts it in the video / audio below.

So without further ado, here’s a video or audio (your choice) of Shunyamurti’s teaching, called: Abide in Infinite Intensity – Shunyamurti Reads Hongzhi.

Abide in Infinite Intensity – Shunyamurti Reads Hongzhi



Through this short teaching, I was inspired to look for the book “Cultivating the Empty Field : The Silent Illumination of Zen Master Hongzhi” and I have now actually added this to the free spiritual eBooks page (under ‘Great Works and Authors.’) if you’d also like to read it.

Sat Chit Anand

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