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Words of Truth – Ramana Maharshi

For those who seek something deeper at this time, for whom the dramas of the external world do not satisfy, here are some (non-dual) words of truth of Ramana Maharshi.

This post is for those who have a deep longing within, a longing that goes beyond this lifetime.

It’s both a yearning and a remembrance.  A remembrance of the absolute truth from whence we all come and within which we and all realities dwell at all times, – yet we forget this most of the time.

Then a different moment arrives.

At such times, nothing in this world can satisfy the inner intensity, the intensity for union with Creator.

Most of the time, there is a coaught-upness in the ins and outs of the world of things and people. And we must take care of the body-form it is true, and safety and security are the driving factors especially at this time with all that is going on in this world.

Yet moments arrive when the ins and outs are seen for the phantoms they are, and the deep yearning takes over. And then, if we’re fortunate, we suddenly find ourselves in a different space, a space of peace, no-suffering and bliss. The true Reality.

And even if bliss does not arrive, the yearning is sufficient.  Absolute Reality demands our anguish and tears…..for we all hold much emotion within, and this must be faced.  Then our emotion is given as an offering, or a surrender.

And when the external phantoms lose their attraction, and we feel a deep emotion and yearning for Truth, the time of blessing for us has come.

So here are some words of truth from Ramana Maharshi – may they help us to go beyond the ego, do self-enquiry and realize who we are in Reality.

Wishing you peace in the midst of the worldly upheavals.

Ramana Maharshi -Teachings on Self-Liberation


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